Generating leads for debt settlement that are highly effective

Increase your ROI by utilizing distinctive marketing strategies and obtaining high-converting, high-quality calls.

Outstanding debt settlement leads will help you meet your sales goals

According to America’s Debt Help Organisation, the average US household owes $8,398 on credit cards, for a total of $13.86 trillion in consumer debt. Numerous people are struggling with the weight of unpaid bills and are actively looking for methods to regain their financial security. This opens a wide range of possibilities for debt settlement businesses that may outperform rivals and win over these customers.

Outstanding debt settlement leads from pay-per-call services boost business profitability and productivity. By generating inbound calls from people who are actively looking for their services, we help businesses and agents. Our main goal is to introduce you to prospects who are highly motivated, ensuring a higher chance of conversions and greater profitability for your company.

Debt settlement leads that are immediate

When you buy from us, your sales staff won’t ever have to battle with cold-calling leads collected by fax or email. Instead, you’ll get calls from people who are pre-qualified and who are actively looking for help in settling their mortgages, auto loans, unpaid medical bills, and other debts. Additionally, we take pride in the fact that our prospects often participate in calls with us for an average of 18 minutes and that we have an excellent 15% conversion rate.

A trustworthy partner for lead generation

Beyond producing outstanding leads for debt settlement, our knowledge goes beyond that. By collaborating closely with you to comprehend your business strategy and target market, we use a proactive approach. We guarantee that you obtain leads that are completely compatible with your consumer profile, thereby maximizing the profitability of your company. You may rely on us to help you develop new opportunities for your company in addition to offering high-quality leads.

The methodical procedure

Create an account to start your journey with us, then hand over control of your campaign to our team. Through efficient tactics like Google Ads, SEO strategies, and targeted ads on social media networks like TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and others, we specialize in generating inbound calls with high intent. Additionally, our feature-rich dashboard gives you total control over your campaign, allowing you to keep track of its development and customize the kinds of prospects you want to attract.

What distinguishes us as the best option?

After years of improvement, we have honed our expertise and created cutting-edge strategies to generate high-converting prospects. Here are a few reasons why we distinguish ourselves as the industry’s top lead partner:

  • High-Quality Inbound Calls: Receive pre-qualified inbound calls from customers who are actively looking for your services, increasing the likelihood that these calls will result in conversions.
  • Exclusive Leads: Take advantage of the exclusivity of leads that are just focused on your company, reducing competition, and maximizing your prospects.
  • Pay only for the outcomes you obtain with performance-based pricing. Your investment in measurable results under our pay-for-performance model aligns our success with your success.
  • Impressive Sales Conversion Rate: Profit from our outstanding 15% sales conversion rate, demonstrating our capacity to supply prospects who genuinely care about your products and services.
  • Free Campaign Tracking Tool: With our free tracking tool, you can easily keep track of your campaign’s success while gaining insightful information that will enable you to make wise decisions.
  • Extended Call Duration: The average call with our supplied prospects lasts 18 minutes, giving adequate time for deep discussion and building strong connections.
  • We are positioned as the industry’s chosen lead partner thanks to these distinctive qualities, and we’re ready to deliver outstanding results and support the expansion of your company.


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